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Crosshatch is a multidimensional puzzle game which combines spatial puzzles with open-world gameplay.

Cross Between Fractured Worlds

Explore a city that has split between dimensions. You are able to cross between these two worlds, linking and reshaping them as you solve spatial puzzles.

Solve Puzzles Using Both Worlds

Together, the two worlds contain the necessary tools for moving through structures spread across the landscape. Some tools are bound to a single world, while you are able to carry others with you as you cross. Learning to think across worlds, you develop an arsenal of spatial and conceptual strategies for fluidly navigating the fractured city.

Explore On Your Own Terms

Following a path of your own design in an expansive urban landscape, you traverse a wide variety of puzzle structures, learning about the nature of the fracture as you explore.

In development for Win/MacOS/Linux

Developed by Rustforms.

Twitter: @rustforms

Website: rustforms.net

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development